Romance and Real Estate in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland!


Romance and Real Estate in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland!

The notion of a romantic escape is one we are very familiar with in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and at Montville Country Cabins we do all that we can to provide the perfect atmosphere and environment for people to relax, enjoy and really escape from the everyday. It seems that not only is this attractive to our fellow humans but also to some very special wildlife.

One of our local residents is a very handsome fellow who goes to an enormous amount of effort to provide the perfect bachelor pad to attract, impress and woo the ladies. He brings fresh flowers everyday, jewelry and trinkets are miraculously available and the accommodation is regularly revamped, renovated and even rebuilt to take advantage of the best view and sunlight possibilities. He always looks very dapper in a dark navy outfit, and to really impress the ladies he is adept at seeing off other blokes to keep his girlfriend safe and feeling wanted.   (Not that we condone it but he also is inclined to raid other bloke’s stuff to add to his collection!)

The Satin Bowerbird Ptilonorhynchus violaceus is a regular and entertaining resident in our garden. Watching him flit through the garden and collect his treasure never ceases to amaze that this little bird can build a most beautiful structure and collect flowers and trinkets to decorate it, all with a beak!  Watching him build, remove and rebuild a bower in the space of about an hour is something really special.

Bower Bird Bower

This bower is underneath one of our large camellia trees, and he doesn’t seem to mind too much that we need to pick our own flower treasures from around him during the winter season!

He even reaps the benefits of being involved  in  the wedding industry by using a small blue bottle that held wedding bubbles! Another one of his favourites are the holders of the tying tape used by Flame Hill Winery about 1 km away!

Beautiful surroundings, fresh flowers, attention to detail. That’s what makes for a perfect Romantic Escape in anyone’s world.

blue bower

Once the bachelor pad has sealed the deal, the females set up more homely real estate and settle in to family duties.  While we love watching the yearly cycle, fortunately we don’t quite have to rebuild the cabins every year for our guests to make the most of our real estate! Keeping up to date with special touches and details is usually sufficient!

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