How to choose classical music for your wedding


How to choose classical music for your wedding

Cello DreamingThinking of booking live music for your wedding but feeling a little confused as to where to start?  Louise King from the very talented, locally based Cello Dreaming offers some tips on where to start.
A wedding is not about the ‘musician’, it’s about YOU – a couple coming together to celebrate your relationship, to start a new chapter in your life together and music – particularly classical music – can really underpin that incredible moment oh so beautifully if you are daring enough to let it. Live music is a way to:

  • Encourage your bridal party to walk down the aisle with confidence, swagger and style
  • To stir loving emotion in your guests (tissues anyone? – I cry at every wedding!)
  • To announce your splendid arrival (what an entrance! – stunning!)
  • To help create that spine-tingly moment as you look into each other’s eyes (oh yes, that’s what this is all about – you!)
  • To feel nostalgic as your father walks you down the aisle to your betrothed (oh Dad – is that you getting all emotional?)
  • To hearing your special love song you both adore for your signing while you have photos (oh listen – it’s our song- it’s sounds so romantic!)
  • And finally that celebratory moment you are announced as husband and wife and your new life together begins (ta – da – walk the red carpet moment!)


To read Louise’s full article on how to choose classical music for your wedding ceremony click here.

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